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Insurance Questions & Answers

Q. Is Nannen and Harte Physical Therapy a provider with my insurance plan?

A. We are a participating provider with all insurance plans.  Our staff will discuss your insurance benefits with you after your benefits are verified with your company.

Q. Do I need a physician’s referral to start Physical Therapy?

A. The state of Nebraska allows direct access to physical therapists, however, most insurance companies require you to obtain a physician referral to start Physical Therapy.  The easiest option is to tell your physician you CHOOSE Nannen and Harte for your rehab services and then call our office to schedule your initial visit with us!

Q. How do I get started with my Physical Therapy experience?

A. Once you have obtained a physician’s referral for PT, our friendly and helpful office staff will get your initial visit scheduled and answer any questions you may have.

Q. I have Medicare and a supplemental insurance.  Will my Physical Therapy expenses be covered?

A. Today’s insurance world is complicated and there are now several options for Medicare coverage with differing benefits, making it difficult to answer in one blanket statement.  After a minimal deductible has been met, traditional Medicare coverage will pay for 80% of the incurred expenses and most supplemental insurances will pay for the remaining 20%.  The best way to find out is to discuss your specific situation with our knowledgeable office staff.

Q. How does the Medicare therapy cap affect my Physical Therapy?

A. Medicare limits or “caps” the amount it will pay for outpatient physical therapy services in a calendar year.  Your physical therapist is aware of this financial limitation and can apply for an exception if your care requires medically necessary services – as defined by Medicare – above the cap.  There are certain situations where a medical review by Medicare may be warranted for you to determine your ability to continue to receive physical therapy services. 

Q. How can I tell Congress that the therapy cap should be eliminated?

A. Medicare beneficiaries can ask their members of Congress to repeal the therapy cap by going to the American Physical Therapy Association’s Patient Legislative Action Center at


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