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When it comes to quality outpatient Physical Therapy in Northeast Nebraska and Omaha, you have a choice!

Let us show you how Nannen and Harte is different.


Nannen and Harte Physical Therapy is proud to help you with “Putting Life Back In Balance.” Our approach to Physical Therapy will help you to decrease your pain and improve your function! We enjoy helping people of all ages to function better whether you are a Child, Athlete, Mom/Dad, Grandma/Grandpa or Industrial Athlete! Our wide spectrum of services will help you to get back into “The Game” quickly! Several of the services we offer are listed below, scroll over the topics to learn more information. Our experienced staff is trained to be musculoskeletal experts!

Complimentary Screens
A 10-15 minute screen of your current condition will be performed by a qualified Physical Therapist. Following the screen, your Physical Therapist will discuss the findings with you and discuss a recommended plan of care with you.

Post-Surgical Recovery
Our Physical Therapist’s have been trained in the rehab of several post-surgical cases. Some of the most common post-surgical diagnosis we encounter includes Rotator Cuff repairs, Shoulder Labrum Repairs, Knee scopes for Meniscus tears, and ACL reconstructions.

Spine Rehabilitation
Our comprehensive approach to spine rehabilitation will get you and your back functioning better very quickly! Several common diagnosis relating to the spine we treat are Low Back Pain, Neck or Low Back sprain/strain, Herniated Disc, Degenerative Disc Disease, Spinal stenosis and several others.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation (Shoulder, Knee, Ankle etc…)
With our interest in sports and the movement of our everyday athletes, we look forward to working with all types of orthopedic diagnosis to help you improve your function for work and play. We work with everything from your Big Toe to your head!

Overuse Injuries
If you’ve ever heard anyone tell you to stop doing something if it hurts, that definitely holds true for these injuries! We will help your body to stop those aggravating activities and teach you how to help your body to tolerate the activities we encounter on a daily basis, even if they are repetitive.

These injuries are also the body’s not so subtle way of telling us to stop what we are doing BEFORE we really hurt ourselves. Our staff will help you to move more efficiently and effectively to help those tissues heal and become stronger to prevent recurrence.

Workplace Athletes
Working athletes are just like athletes on the sporting field, they just want to get back to work as soon as possible. Our experienced staff will help you to improve your function and return to work quickly.

Orthotics Fitting
For those who require a bit more stability and support for their feet our staff is trained and certified in the Sole Supports system for custom orthotics.

Warm Water Aquatic Therapy (at our Blair location)
There are many benefits to the use of warm water in rehabilitation, some of which include improved flexibility and range of motion, relaxation, coordination, balance and trunk stability, and muscle balance in building strength. Many patient’s really like the comforting feeling of our warm water pool!

Summer Sports Training Program
Our summer sports training program runs from June through July and focuses on the fundamentals of improving form for athletic performance. We use a variety of techniques to improve speed, quickness, agility power and explosion that are fun for all ages of athletes!

Nannen and Harte Physical Therapy in Omaha and Northeast Nebraska
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